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Why play for the Knights?
Last Updated: 2/11/2013 8:01:22 AM

  • The Knights play 40+ games a year - well above league average.
  • The Knights travel all around the state and cross borders to play new teams each year. This year the Knights have added a Tournament in Elko, MN, and also play new rivals Hopkins Berries and St Patrick Irish with more new opponents still being added.
  • Team dues are lower per game than league average.
  • The Knights are heavily recruiting for the future of the franchise.  Each year the Knights record has improved and this is a testament to management's commitment to growing the team.
  • Fun.  The Knights put fun as the top priority over everything else.  The team is run with the mentality that baseball is supposed to be a place to get together with friends and enjoy the short summer we get in Minnesota.

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